About faculty

Sometimes time is not a measure for the development of science and thought in a certain area. Over the last 150 years, the development of science has produced more knowledge than in the previous 1500 years. Stimulating the development of science pushes forward the development of mankind and raises the quality of life. The scientific areas complement each other when knowledge is concerned. More and more attention is paid to the interdisciplinary areas, as to the border areas between different scientific areas. The contribution which is given today in a scientific area, tomorrow might be a key impulse for implementation and development of another. The science develops and divides into new scientific areas and fields, and the new knowledge are produced with a fast dynamics.

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality watches closely the changes in the area of tourism and service activities for 45 years. It is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the tourist area on the Balkan. It introduces changes into the study program continually as well as into the way of work. In the beginning, it started modestly, with a small number of teachers, without its own facilities, but with a high enthusiasm and wish to create a quality higher education institution.

With dedicated work, the faculty becomes recognizable to the interested students who want to learn study programs in the area of tourism, as well as other study programs which are available on the faculty.