Doctoral (phd) studies


Precisely the challenge to exist in the modern trends enabled the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality towards the realization of determined goals. Even before the official enactment of normative formulations, there existed an approach towards important competencies which caused the PhD (third cycle) studies to be in the foreground. Today, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality has become a part of the vanguard factors in the higher education in the Republic of Macedonia, which succeeded in the quest and was crowned with the epithet to be one of the bearers of the system for reformed doctoral studies. Therefore, “The tradition continues”, just as in the past this saying represented the guidance for becoming one of the first in Europe with genuine and original studies in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The process of accreditation means the existence of strict criteria. Instead of withdrawing, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality faced the challenges with a fight. In that way the Faculty was able to impose itself as an institution which in its PhD studies sees an unreserved inspiration for future work and wholeheartedly commitment towards the global scientific and educational trends. The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, can proudly announce that there are 11 accredited mentors in the third cycle (PhD) of studies. The publication of their papers in many global, prestigious magazines, the implementation of international projects as well as the active attitude of the teaching staff towards their professions’ performances, all contributed this institution to receive a prestigious place in the educational process of PhD studies (third cycle of studies). In this way the Bologna process is accepted as a European solution. The institution has established itself among the leaders in higher education and the PhD degree has become a recognizable brand abroad