Customs and freight-forwarding

The first cycle of university studies in Customs and freight-forwarding according to the national framework of higher educational qualifications belongs to the university studies 240 credits - VIA, with the possibility of continuing education and the expansion and deepening of previously acquired knowledge and skills with two additional semesters at the second cycle studies. In accordance with the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character, the Customs and freight-forwarding study program represents a synergetic integration of the following fields: Organizational Sciences and Management, Legal sciences and Economics. After completing the four-year study of the first cycle of university studies, graduates acquire the academic title of graduate manager in Customs and freight-forwarding (internationally, in the English diploma, the academic title after the first cycle is baccalaureus, i.e. baccalaurean).

Through studying the Customs and freight-forwarding study program students are trained to perform management activities, or rather to manage business processes in customs entities - forwarding industry, as well as entities that make interactions of any kind with customs - forwarding industry. Thus, students who are finishing university studies in Customs and freight-forwarding at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Ohrid acquire skills to work in all types of business entities that perform activities of international trade and international transport, insurance companies, the financial institutions, in public administration bodies (customs service etc.), scientific research and educational institutions in the field of Customs and freight-forwarding, professional associations and other entities in this area. 

The study program has accreditation in Macedonian and English.

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