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Establishment and development of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality from Ohrid

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality is a higher education, teaching-scientific and research unit within the University of Ss. Kliment Ohridski from Bitola whose activity is of special social interest. From its establishment until today, the faculty successfully goes through several phases of its development, defining its motherland by solving the theoretical and practical problems of catering and tourism. Today, we can freely say that the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality has successfully taken on the role of a leading institution in Macedonia, by promoting scientific, teaching and professional thought in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Establishment of the Higher Catering and Tourism School in Ohrid


Higher school education in Ohrid begins with the Decision of the Joint Catering and Tourism Economy of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia adopted on September 11, 1970. for the establishment of the Higher Catering and Tourism School.

Based on this Decision, the District Commercial Court in Bitola, deciding on the application for registration, makes a decision with the US. No. 63/70 dated 28 December 1970 which allows the registration of the establishment and constitution of the Higher Catering and Tourism School – Ohrid and it is registered in the register of institutions at this court under reg. sheet no. 13/70, with the activity of education of personnel of the first degree in the field of catering and tourism, and with this enrollment the institution is considered as a legal entity.

This school is the only Higher School in Macedonia that aimed to educate professionals in the field of hospitality and tourism and the only higher education institution in Ohrid, from which later grew the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality as its legal successor and unit within the University Ss. Kliment Ohridski from Bitola.

After the decision to establish the Higher Catering and Tourism School was made, a Parent Commission was formed which was obliged to conceptualize the school curriculum and announce a competition for the selection of teaching staff.