Admissions (first cycle – undergraduate)

240 ECTS

State quota (participation fee per semester) Tuition per semester (domestic students) Tuition per semester (foreign students)
100 EUR 200 EUR 400 EUR
  • Full implementation of the Bologna Declaration
  • Diploma with an academic degree (Bachelor)

  • Studying under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

  • International mobility in the teaching process

  • Scholarships for the best students

  • Option to study in installments

Study programs in Macedonian



Hotel restaurant


Management in

service sector

Insurance and

risk management

Customs and Forwarding

Study programs in English

Customs and

freight forwarding


Application process

Registration in IKNOW

Login to IKNOW

Submission of application documents

Ranking of registered candidates


First admission period

Second admission period

Third admission period

Fourth admission period

  • Online application (from the iKnow system)
  • Original certificates
  • Original certificate of completed secondary education
  • Document-diploma for passing the state matriculation exam
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of RM citizenship (certificate or decision)
  • Candidates applying for admission as part-time students submit, in addition to the above, the documents specified in chapter III, point 3
  • Candidates applying for admission with completed related higher or higher education submit an appropriate certificate or diploma, and candidates in the parallel study category also submit an appropriate certificate of student status at a related faculty, study group or major
  • Candidates applying under Chapter II point 2 paragraph 3 paragraph 1 and 4 also submit a document from the RSM Employment Agency that they are unemployed
  • Candidates applying as foreign citizens submit, in addition to the above, the documents specified in chapter V, point 3 and 4
  • Confirmation of payment of 300 denars to the account of the faculty – for manipulative expenses
  • Confirmation of payment of MKD 50 for administrative fee

Note: Since the registration is done with original documents, it is desirable for the candidates to make copies of the documents for their needs before the registration.

Note: When applying to the University unit, candidates submit:

  • documents from previous education in original form (these documents are temporarily retained by the unit, and then returned to the student),
  • uncertified copies of documents from previous education (which remain in the student’s file).



1. Index and student ID

2. Three photos (2 – 3.5×4.5 cm and 1 – 2×3 cm)

3. Application forms

4. Confirmation of funds paid for participation or co-financing of the account of the relevant unit of the University.

  • state quota 6150 denars
  • Tuition fee 12300 denars

5. Payment of the installment for textbooks

  • Tourism 3200 denars
  • Gastronomy 2400
  • Hotel restaurant 3200
  • Insurance 2400
  • Customs and freightforwarding 4000
  • MUS 2400

6. Confirmation of payment of 200 denars earmarked funds for cultural and artistic needs of the students, bank NBRSM to treasury account 100000000063095, budget user account: 160010509678867, EDB: 4002979132007, Income account 723012, program 42

7. Confirmation of payment of 300 denars for student newsletters and for other needs of students in the teaching-educational process, bank NBRM on treasury account 100000000063095, account of budget user: 160010509678848, EDB: 4002979132007, Income account 723012, program 42

8. Confirmation of payment of 1000 denars for current and development costs of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola, bank – NBRSM on treasury account: 100000000063095, budget user account: 160010509678814, EDB: 4002979132007, Revenue account: 723012 Program 42

9. Confirmation of payment of MKD 1080 for forms

10. Confirmation of payment of 600 denars for book fund and notebooks

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Michael Risteski

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Bojan Srbinoski

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Irina Joldeska