Customs and freight forwarding

Duration of the study program: 4 years

Language of the program: English/Macedonian

ECTS credit points: 240

Title: BA in Customs and freight forwarding



The study program is intended through education to enable students to be future managers in Customs and Freight – Forwarding activities.

First, students should learn about the legal and economic system of the Republic of Macedonia, the basics of positive domestic law and the European Union law.

Starting from the basic segment that international trade and international communications, in general, are the base for the existence of customs, students need to acquire knowledge in this area. The curriculum enables students to work in customs services, but also to work in freight forwarding companies. The modern world that operates through the process of globalization requires continuous development of international trade as with the countries with the same or similar level of development, and also with those that are more developed. In this sense, students of this curriculum will master the economic effects of international trade, the processes of pricing and qualitative competition,the financial effects of international trade, the fiscal effects of the international flow of goods and services, and the social and protective effects of customs. All economic entities directly or indirectly on the supply side (of goods and services) or on the demand side (of raw materials, intermediate goods, merchandise, etc.) are referred to as international exchanges because of the comparative advantages that some economies have in the production of some specific goods and services. Therefore the need for the study of these processes and specialization of personnel that professionally will be engaged in the business entities of any business activity.

Furthermore, students will also gain knowledge of the importance and the role of customs and freight-forwarding as its segment in the legal system of the Republic of Macedonia, at the same time having in mind the European and international rules and standards that conditioned their future work. Especially should learn to operate with the goods and customs knowledge of goods, as well as customs tariff and the Harmonized System for classification of goods and the Customs Tariff.

Through all student’s education, particularly will be paid attention to their practical and professional training through a multitude of subjects in the field of customs and freight forwarding, followed by a mandatory practice during the studies (at the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia and in freight forwarding companies).

With that students will be able to fit into the European and global trends and standards for customs operations, which show that the Republic of Macedonia has a contemporary method for training professional personnel of this kind.


Knowledge and understanding

Recognize and remember well-established principles in the fields of economic, legal, organizational and technical – technological sciences, as well as in the fields of science related to customs and freight – forwarding;

Describes and discusses key aspects and concepts in the field of customs and freight – forwarding;

Follow the ongoing research and development as well as research in the broader multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary context of customs and freight – forwarding.

Applying knowledge and understanding

Determine and analyze the processes, methods and results in the field of customs and freight – forwarding;

Locate, formulate and solve basic problems in the area of customs and freight – forwarding, using already established methods.

Making judgment

Collect, analyze and present information from the relevant data available in the field of customs and s freight – forwarding;

Makes appropriate assessment in applying and evaluating knowledge crucial in the area of customs and freight – forwarding, taking into account all relevant personal, social, scientific or ethical issues;

Combines theory and practice in order to solve problems in the field of customs and freight – forwarding, and explain the reasons for the selection of appropriate solutions.

Communication skills

Communicate effectively through written reports and oral presentations, using appropriate terminology and technical language;

Shares and discusses concepts and ideas in the field of customs and freight – forwarding, as well with the professional community and also with the entire public society;

He/she is capable for teamwork and active cooperation within the group, by sharing responsibilities and tasks.

Learning skills

Take initiative to identify needs for further professional advancement with a high degree of autonomy in decision making;

Regularly follow the latest scientific developments in the field of customs and freight – forwarding, such as scientific papers and journals, and participation in seminars and conferences.


Elaborate 2016

Elaborate Customs and Freight

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