The study program in Insurance in the first and second cycle at FTU – Ohrid is an opportunity to improve the insurance business in the Republic of Macedonia through the use of profiled professionals who will be able to cope with the challenges of modern processes in the field of insurance.

The study program is in function of using modern methods in work activities and ability to learn about new scientific results and their implementation as application solutions. Competitiveness in the insurance market requires to gain extensive knowledge of modern trends in the insurance industry, in order to modernize practices in terms of areas that are essential in insurance: economics, law and mathematics, economic conditionality and economic results , legal regulation and control of complex activities.

Over the years, the insurance study program enables proper management of resources within the spatial units and administrative frameworks, as well as with the economic entities operating in the field of insurance, to grow into a well-known study direction known only for FTU – Ohrid. The purpose and justification of the need for continuous existence of the study program INSURANCE is profiling staff that acquires knowledge, skills and abilities for a successful approach in organizing, planning and implementing activities in the insurance business.


Elaborate 2016

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