Study Program: Customs and Freight Forwarding (English)

  • Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of logistics and gain a comprehensive understanding of customs regulations and freight forwarding practices through our specialized program

  • Prepare for a career in international trade by gaining in-depth knowledge of customs procedures, supply chain management and global logistics

  • Our program offers a multidisciplinary curriculum by integrating business management principles and legal frameworks specific to customs and freight forwarding management.

  • Graduates are well prepared for various career opportunities in logistics companies, forwarding agencies, international trade organizations and other local and multinational companies.

Academic title:

  • Graduated Manager of customs and forwarding

  • Bachelor in Customs and Freight-Forwarding Management

Study period

  • 4 years

  • 240 ECTS

Head of Department

Detailed Study Program

Semester 1

Code Course Mandatory/ Elective ECTS
CIS101  Customs law M 8
CIS102 Customs system and policy M 8
CIS103 Information and communication technologies M 7
CIS104 Foreign language A1 M 7


Semester 2

Code Course Mandatory/ Elective ECTS
CIS201 International trade M 8
CIS202 Management information systems M 8
CIS203 Human resource management in the service sector M 8
CIS2ХХ Elective Course E 6



Basics of law

Enterprise economics

Economics of tourism and hospitality


Principles of risk management


Business Informatics

Semester 3

Code Course Mandatory/ Elective ECTS
CIS301 Customs operations M 8
CIS302 Customs knowledge of goods M 8
CIS303 Entrepreneurship M 7
CIS304 Foreign language A2 M 7


Semester 4


Code Course Mandatory/ Elective ECTS
CIS401 Fiscal system M 7
CIS402 Customs tariff M 7
CIS403 Crime and detection M 7
CIS4ХХ Elective course E 6
  Internship M 3


Basics of Management

Promotional activities

Tourist geography

Principles of public administration


Business psychology

Communications in tourism

Semester 5

Code Course Mandatory  / Elective ECTS
CIS5ХХ Elective course E 6
CIS5ХХ  Elective course E 6
CIS5ХХ  Elective course E 6
CIS5ХХ Elective course E 6
CIS5ХХ Elective course E 6


Business Operational Research


Logistics systems

Practical methods in customs operations

Applied customs operations

Tourist destination

Management accounting

English language 2

Strategic management

Business planning

Business communication

Payment systems

International trade agreements

Protection of cultural heritage

Channels of distribution

Marketing research

Insurance in tourism and hospitality

Sustainable tourism development

Financial markets and institutions

Business mathematics

Economics of European Integration


Investment management

Sociology of tourism

Restaurant management

Food and beverage quality testing methods

Criminal psychology

Semester 6

Code Course Mandatory / Elective ECTS
CIS601 Transport and insurance in international trade M 7
CIS602 Customs criminal law M 7
CIS603 Customs administrative procedure M 7
CIS6ХХ Elective course E 6
  Internship M 3


International Management

Food production management

International business


Semester 7

Code Course Mandatory / Elective ECTS
CIS701 International freight forwarding M 8
CIS702 International passenger flow M 8
CIS703 Foreign language B M 8
CIS7ХХ Elective course E 6


Business Law

Organised crime

Insurance operations

English language 3

German language 3

Constitutional law

Integrated market communication strategies

Corporate financial management

Social pathology

Administrative law

Economy of Macedonia

Organizational learning

Non-life insurance

Semester 8

Code Course Mandatory / Elective ECTS
CIS801 Applied Freight Forwarding M 6
CIS8ХХ Elective course E 6
CIS8ХХ  Elective course E 6
CIS8ХХ  Elective course E 6
CIS802 Diploma thesis M 6


English language 4

Trade logistics

Commercial law

German language 4

Control and audit


Law on obligations

Tourism development policy

Processing and liquidation of damage

Insurance in agriculture

Development economics

Knowledge management

Sensory analysis of food

Carrier opportunities

With our Diploma in Customs and Freight Forwarding, you’ll open up a world of exciting career opportunities. There are four key areas where your degree can lead you:

  • Customs Specialist: Graduates can develop a career as a customs specialist, ensuring that import and export processes comply with ever-changing customs regulations and trade laws. They work closely with customs authorities, ensuring the smooth movement of goods and minimizing the risk of fines or delays.

  • Freight Forwarding Manager: With a deep understanding of logistics and supply chain management, graduates can specialize as freight forwarding managers. They oversee the transportation of goods, negotiate contracts with carriers, optimize routes and coordinate shipments to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery.

  • International Trade Consultant: The program equips students with the knowledge and skills to become international trade consultants, advising businesses on customs procedures, trade regulations and market entry strategies. They provide guidance on compliance, risk management and help businesses navigate the complex world of international trade.

  • Supply Chain Analyst: Graduates can develop careers as supply chain analysts, where they analyze data, identify inefficiencies and propose solutions to optimize supply chain operations. They work closely with customs and freight forwarding teams and other stakeholders to improve processes, reduce costs and strengthen overall supply chain performance.

These are just a few of the exciting career paths that await you with a Diploma in Customs and Freight Forwarding. The possibilities are endless, and your degree will open the doors to a fulfilling professional journey.