Study program: Customs and freight forwarding

  • Strengthen your expertise in international trade and logistics with our comprehensive Master’s program in Customs and Freight Forwarding, designed to prepare you for a successful career in the dynamic field of global supply chain management.

  • Learn customs regulations, trade compliance, freight forwarding and supply chain optimization, gaining specialized knowledge and skills that are in high demand in the industry.

  • Join a diverse community of aspiring professionals and industry experts who will guide and support you throughout your journey. Expand your professional network, collaborate on research projects and gain access to a wealth of career opportunities in customs, freight forwarding companies, logistics providers and international trade organizations.

Academic title:

  • Master in Customs and Freight-Forwarding Management

  • Master in Customs and Freight-Forwarding Management


  • 1 year
  • 60 ECTS

Head of Department

Detailed study program

Semester 9

Code Name Mandatory / Elective ECTS
CISH901 Customs modernization M 10
CISH902 Legislation in customs operations M 10
CISH903 Modern freight forwarding – logistics operations M 10

Semester 10

Code Name Mandatory / Elective ECTS
CISH10X Elective E 6
CISH10X Elective E 6
CISH10X Elective E 6
  Master thesis M 12

Methodology of scientific research work

Customs system and policy of the European Union

International business

Financial transactions

Free customs zones

Modern financial systems

World Trade Organization

International economic relations

International customs conventions and institutions

International tourist movements

Organized crime and corruption

Consumer behavior

Organization and management of life and health insurance companies

Reinsurance (advanced level)

Marketing Research (Advanced Level)

Capital and risk

Risk Management

Financial investment management

Tax accounting

Tourism and local economic development

Management accounting in freight forwarding companies

Modern tax systems

Negotiation skills and strategies

project management

Management of sales of services

business logistics


Explorations in intercultural competence in business discourse

Management in customs operations

Management in freight forwarding operations

Technological properties of the goods during transport

Marketing Management

Customs measures for the protection of intellectual property

Career opportunities

With our Master’s Degree in Customs and Freight Forwarding, you’ll open up a world of exciting career opportunities. There are four key areas where your degree can lead you:

  • Customs Compliance Specialist: Masters can pursue careers as customs compliance specialists, responsible for ensuring compliance with customs regulations, trade compliance and other formal requirements. They work closely with customs authorities, monitor changes in trade policies and develop strategies to minimize risks and optimizing customs processes.
  • Freight Forwarding Operations Manager: With expertise in managing customs and freight forwarding operations, graduate students can develop as freight forwarding operations managers, overseeing the efficient movement of goods across international borders. They manage logistics operations, coordinate transportation, negotiate with carriers and optimize supply chain efficiency.
  • Trade consultant: Masters can work as trade consultants, providing expert advice to enterprises on customs procedures, import/export regulations and international trade compliance. They help navigate complex trading environments, develop strategies to streamline processes and ensure compliance with trade agreements and regulations.
  • Supply Chain Analyst: Masters can be supply chain analysts, specializing in customs and freight forwarding. They analyze supply chain data, identify areas for improvement, optimize routes and develop strategies to strengthen supply chain performance and cost efficiency.

These are just a few of the exciting career paths that await you with a Master’s Degree in Customs and Freight Forwarding. The possibilities are endless, and your degree will open the doors to a fulfilling professional journey.