Study program: Insurance and risk management

  • Get involved in risk management and shaping the future of the insurance industry with our transformative MA in Insurance and Risk Management, designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to shape yourself in this dynamic field

  • The curriculum combines theoretical foundations with practical applications, enabling you to analyze real-world phenomena, engage in research projects and develop innovative strategies to reduce risks and optimize insurance solutions

  • Engage in the realms of risk assessment, insurance policy design, claims management and company risk management, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of the insurance industry and its critical role in protecting businesses and individuals

Academic title:

  • Master of Science in Insurance and Risk Management

  • Master of Science in Insurance and Risk Management


  • 1 year
  • 60 ECTS

Head of Department

Detailed study program

Semester 9

Code Name Mandatory / Elective ECTS
OMR901 Risk and insurance  (advanced level) M 8
OMR902 Risk management in insurance companies M 8
OMR903 Case study and methods  of research in insurance M 7
OMR904 Methodology of scientific research M 7

Semester 10

Code Name Mandatory / Elective ECTS
OMR10X Elective E 7
OMR10X Elective E 7
  Master thesis M 16

Survey research methodology

Econometrics (advanced level)

Negotiation skills and strategies

project management

Management of sales of services

Modern tax systems

World Trade Organization

Marketing Research (Advanced Level)

Marketing Management

Consumer behavior

Portfolio management

business logistics


Financial transactions


Damages in insurance

Legal regulation in insurance

Organization and management of life and health insurance companies

Insurance in hospitality

Reinsurance (advanced level)

Local economic development

Capital and risk

Risk Management

Management accounting  in insurance


Financial reporting and auditing

Financial investment management

Organization and management of non-animals
insurance companies

Performance measurement in insurance companies

Accounting information systems in insurance

Career opportunities

With our Master’s Degree in Insurance and Risk Management, you’ll open up a world of exciting career opportunities. There are four key areas where your degree can lead you:

  • Risk Management: Masters can pursue careers as risk managers, working with organizations to identify, assess and manage potential risks. They develop risk management strategies, implement risk mitigation measures and ensure that businesses are prepared to deal with unforeseen events, ultimately protecting their financial stability and reputation.
  • Insurance Sales: With advanced knowledge in insurance and risk management, graduate students can engage in insurance sales, assessing insurance applications, assessing risks and determining appropriate coverage and premium rates, playing a key role in ensuring profitability and the sustainability of insurance companies.
  • Claims Specialist: Masters can work as a specialist in the preparation and processing of claims on behalf of policyholders. They investigate and assess claims, collaborate with adjusters and legal professionals and ensure fair and timely resolution of claims, providing essential support and guidance to individuals and businesses.
  • Risk Consultant: With expertise in insurance and risk management, Masters can develop a career as risk consultants, offering advisory services to businesses and organizations. They assess risks, develop risk management strategies, provide risk mitigation recommendations and help clients navigate complex regulatory frameworks, strengthening their resilience and minimizing potential liabilities.

These are just a few of the exciting career paths that await you with a Master’s Degree in Insurance and Risk Management. The possibilities are endless, and your degree will open the doors to a fulfilling professional journey.