Study program: Management in tourism

  • Further your career in the growing tourism industry with our transformative Masters in Tourism programme, designed to equip you with advanced knowledge and skills 

  • Delve into the world of tourism, sustainable tourism practices, destination marketing and strategic planning, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and opportunities within the global tourism landscape

  • Our program combines theoretical foundations with practical applications, enabling you to analyze real-world phenomena, engage in diverse projects and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges facing the tourism industry today

Academic title:

  • Master of Science in Tourism Management

  • Master of Science in Tourism Management


  • 1 year
  • 60 ECTS

Head of Department

Detailed study program

Semester 9

Code Name Mandatory / Elective ECTS
SPMT901 Methodology of scientific research work M 8
SPMT902 International management in tourism M 7
SPMT903 Contemporary trends in tourism M 8
SPMT904 Quality management in tourism M 7

Semester 10

Code Name Mandatory / Elective ECTS
SPMT10X Elective E 4
SPMT10X Elective E 4
SPMT10X Elective E 4
SPMT10X Elective E 4
  Master thesis M 14

Controlling in work processes in the tourist system

Principles and methods of tourist management

Selective types of tourism

Survey research methodology

Intercultural competence in tourism discourse

Organizational behavior

Management of sales of services

Event and leisure management

Legal regulation in tourism

Financial transactions


Tourism and local economic development

business logistics

Negotiation skills and strategies

Spatial planning in tourism

Financial investment management

project management

Capital and risk

Traffic in tourism

Marketing research

Tourist resources

Insurance in hospitality

International tourist movements

Management accounting  in enterprises in the tourism industry

Ecology and nutrition

World Trade Organization

Tourism in the national economy

Career opportunities

With our Master’s Degree in Tourism Management, you’ll open up a world of exciting career opportunities. There are four key areas where your degree can lead you:

  • Destination Management : Graduates can pursue careers as destination managers, overseeing the development, marketing and management of tourism destinations. They collaborate with local stakeholders, implement sustainable practices and create strategies to improve visitor experiences and maximize the potential of destinations.
  • Tourism Consultant: With advanced knowledge in tourism management, graduates can work as tourism consultants, providing expert advice to businesses, organizations and governments. They offer guidance on destination development, tourism marketing, sustainable tourism practices and strategic planning to foster tourism growth.
  • Sustainable Tourism Specialist: Graduates can specialize in sustainable tourism, working as consultants, managers or researchers focused on promoting environmentally and socially responsible tourism practices. They develop sustainability initiatives, implement environmental policies and advocate for responsible tourism development and conservation.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Education: Graduates can pursue teaching or academic positions, sharing their expertise in tourism with future professionals. They can work in universities, colleges or vocational schools, forming the next generation of tourism leaders through innovative teaching and research in the field.

These are just a few of the exciting career paths that await you with a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management. The possibilities are endless, and your degree will open the doors to a fulfilling professional journey.