Study program: Tourism

  • Become a leading expert in the field of tourism with our prestigious doctoral program in tourism. It expands the frontiers of knowledge, contributes to the advancement of the industry and shapes the future of tourism through comprehensive research

  • Join a distinguished community of scholars, professionals and leaders working together on tourism research. Collaborate on interdisciplinary projects, attend conferences and publish your findings in respected academic journals, establishing yourself as a respected authority in the field

  • Adjust the focus of your research into the vast wealth of tourism, whether it is sustainable tourism, destination management, cultural tourism or hospitality. Develop innovative methodologies, delve into complex issues and have a significant impact on the industry, influencing policies, practices and decision-making processes

Academic title:

  • PhD in Tourism
  • PhD in Tourism


  • 3 years
  • 180 ECTS

Head of Department

Detailed study program

Semester 11


Course name Compulsory / Elective / Seminar ECTS

Methodology of touristic valorization of space

M 10
FTUDST01I Elective E 10
FTUDST01.1S Ethics in scientific research work S 5
FTUDST01.2S Seminar on practices and research in tourism S 5

Research on motivation in tourism

Legal methodology in tourism

Food Research in Hospitality

Research of the tourist business and tourist destinations in the Republic of Macedonia

Semester 12

Code Course name Compulsory / Elective / Seminar ECTS
FTUDST 02.1A Lectures and other communication activities M 10
FTUDST 02.2A International mobility M 20

Semester 13

Code Course name Compulsory / Elective / Seminar ECTS
FTUDST 03 Contemporary theories in international tourism M 10
FTUDST 03I Elective E 10
FTUDST 03.1A Publication of a paper in a reference scientific publication or active participation in an international meeting M 10

Quantitative research and forecasting of tourism phenomena

Marketing methodology in tourism

Exploring entrepreneurial and sustainable tourism development

Controlling business activities in tourism systems

Semester 14

Code Course name Compulsory / Elective / Seminar ECTS
FTUDST 04.1A Publication of a paper in a reference scientific publication or active participation in an international meeting M 10
FTUDST 04.2A Thesis application (thesis preparation – draft and its defense) M 20

Semester 15

Code Course name Compulsory / Elective / Seminar ECTS
FTUDST 05 Methodology of quality research in tourism M 10
FTUDST 05I Elective E 10
FTUDST 05.1A Working on a doctoral thesis and submitting progress reports M 10

Studies of language communication in tourism

Research and management of risks in the tourism business

Studies of international trade and tourism

Institutional dimension of sustainable tourism development

Semester 16

Code Course name Compulsory / Elective / Seminar ECTS
FTUDST 06.1A Submission of final version and defense of doctoral dissertation M 30

Career opportunities

With our PhD in Tourism, you’ll open up a world of exciting career opportunities. There are four key areas where your degree can lead you:

  • Professor of Tourism: PhDs can pursue academic careers as professors of tourism, sharing their expertise and research findings with the next generation of tourism professionals. They contribute to the field through teaching, mentoring students, conducting research, and publishing scientific papers.
  • Tourism Researcher: With a PhD in tourism, PhD holders can work as researchers in academic institutions, research organizations or think tanks. They examine critical issues, conduct studies and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in areas such as sustainable tourism, destination development, tourism marketing or cultural tourism.
  • Policy Advisor: PhD holders can develop as policy advisors, working with government agencies, non-profit organizations or international bodies. They provide expert insights, data-driven recommendations and strategic guidance to shape tourism policies, encourage sustainable tourism practices and support the growth of the tourism industry locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Tourism consultant: With a doctoral degree in tourism, PhD holders can develop as expert consultants, providing specialist advice to tourism businesses, destinations or organisations. They offer strategic guidance, conduct market research, develop tourism strategies and help implement innovative solutions to strengthen competitiveness and profitability in the tourism sector.

These are just a few of the exciting career paths that await you with a PhD in Tourism. The possibilities are endless, and your degree will open the doors to a fulfilling professional journey.