First cycle of studies

Vocational academic study programs, which prepare students for a particular profession and prepare them for entry into the second cycle of studies

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Study Programs

For the teaching of the study programs, the faculty has a significant teaching staff of 35 doctors of science.


The beginnings of the operation of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality are closely related to the direction of Tourism, whose four and a half decades of existence confirms the quality of the teaching contents that are taught.

Hotel Restaurant Management

The modernization of the study program for the studies in hospitality and restaurant is determined primarily by the world tendencies in the development of tourism and catering, as well as the development of the educational activity.


The study program in the field of Gastronomy is an opportunity to promote gastronomy in the country by creating profiled experts who will be able to cope with the challenges of modern gastronomic processes.

Customs and Freight

In accordance with the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character, the study program in Customs and Freight Forwarding is a synergistic integration of the fields: organizational sciences and management, legal sciences and economics.


The study program in Insurance in the first and second cycle at FTU – Ohrid is an opportunity to improve the insurance business in the country through the use of profiled professionals.

Service Sector Management

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Ohrid, as the oldest higher education institution in the country that offers study programs in the service sector, also offers a study program entitled Management in the service sector.


Year of Establishment


Study Programs




Professional Staff

Second Cycle of Studies

The second cycle of studies is an opportunity for FTU graduates, but also at other related faculties to continue their studies in the need to acquire higher knowledge, skills and other professional values.

This is a persistent and committed faculty dedicated to excellence in research and teaching.

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    Third Cycle of Studies

    The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality is one of the avant-garde actors in higher education in the Republic of Macedonia that managed to be crowned with the piety of holders of the reformed doctoral systems

    The doctoral degree is a recognizable image outside the borders of our country.
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